DJ SE7EN was born on 9th of march in Medellin Colombia. In 2009 he discovered the fascination of DJing through a schoolmate. Until 2013 he made it as a hobby and played in bars, small clubs and celebrations. In December 2013 he had the first party in a club in Luxembourg city, the SECRET GARDEN CLUB. A full house show! From the moment he was discovered by the event company, Sleepless Event, he had the opportunity to make it as a profession. He was able to prove himself in the luxembourgish nightlife and soon became resident DJ at SAUMUR CRYSTAL CLUB & WHITE EXCLUSIVE CLUB and played in clubs like PAPAYA CLUB, APOTECA, DEAN CLUB, VERSO, JAKOBS HOUSE and many, many more. Since 2016 he is part of the DJ team of the radio show „Eldo Event Navigator“ on Eldoradio. Eldoradio is the most popular radiostation in Luxembourg.

Until the middle of 2016 he was active at the event company Sleepless Event. After that, he wanted to go his own way, which he did, and shortly after became resident DJ at BLONDES CLUB in Merzig, Germany, where he is currently active as resident DJ and has been support DJ for artists like KAY ONE, THE PRODUCT G&B, CE’CILE, PIETRO LOMBARDI & SILENTO. In 2017 he played with DJ DEE at the FASHION WEEK in BERLIN and played in a club in Kaiserslautern, Germany, regularly at MELUSINA in Luxembourg city and has the honor to stand on a stage with mister „Epic“ Sandro Silva. 2018 was his big year so far, he was on stage at the OPEN AIR HOUSEN & SUNRIZE in Grevenmacher. In august he released his first single „ClassiC“, three months later he was supposed to be the biggest evening of his young career, he played at ELECTROPIA FESTIVAL in Luxembourg at Luxexpo The Box together with the biggest dj’s like LVNDSCAPE, D.O.D, JUCIY M, WOLFPACK , R3HAB and AFROJACK



OFFICIAL ELDORADIO DJ | Most popular radiostation in Luxembourg

WHITE EXCLUSIVE CLUB | Luxembourg – City | Resident 2014
SAUMUR CRYSTAL CLUB | Luxembourg – City | Resident 2013-2015
SECRET GARDEN CLUB | Luxembourg – City
MELUSINA CLUB | Luxembourg – City
HITCH | Luxembourg – City
SOHO | Luxembourg-City
GLOSS CLUB | Luxembourg – City
PAPAYA CLUB | Luxembourg – City
DEAN CLUB | Luxembourg – City
APOTECA CLUB | Luxembourg – City 
VERSO | Luxembourg – City
JAKOB´S HOUSE | Luxembourg – City
FARBIK | Mersch
LE MAZZO | Bettborn
BLACK MAMBA | Wilwerdange
DKLUB | Diekirch
NEW RIVE GAUCHE | Grevenmacher


BLONDES CLUB | Merzig | Resident since 2016
BLONDES BAR | Saarlouis
NEW FLASH CLUB | Kaiserslautern 


FASHION WEEK | Berlin (G) 2017
ELECTROPIA | Luxembourg 2018
OPEN AIR HOUSEN | Hosingen (L) 2018
START UP | Luxembourg 2018
SUNRIZE | Grevenmacher (L) 2018
ALL YOU CAN DRINK | Mertert (L) 2015
COLOR FOAM SENSATION | Clervaux (L) 2016 
PROJECT HANGOVER | Clervaux (L) 2016


Afrojack | R3hab | Wolfpack | D.O.D | Juicy M | Lvndscape
Silento | Bushido | Serani | The Product G&B | Pietro Lombardi
Ce´cile | Kay One | Mann | Billy the Kit | Sandro Silva